“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself” Leo Tolstoy

Located in the renowned Franschhoek Valley of the Western Cape, Farm Sanctuary SA serves to instill an awakened connection between farm animals and visitors - aiming to inspire a positive change in the way society views and treats farmed animals. Driving the mission are the ‘heavy-weight’ creatives, founder/director Jo Lefson and resident rescued pig ‘Pigcasso' who have been taking the art world by storm since releasing their definitive Abstract Expressionist artworks in 2017.

An unrivalled, extraordinary partnership, they  aim to challenge the status quo, using their collaborative talent to highlight the detrimental effects of animal agriculture on climate change. From CNN to BBC Headline News, Pigcasso’s journey from rescued ‘pork chop’ to celebrated international art sensation has captured the World’s imagination - with the duo’s artworks have been sold for millions of rands to art collectors around the World.   Pigcasso also designed the best-selling 2019 SWATCH watch - and most recently, Jo and Pigcasso have launched her own wine label, PIGCASSO BLACK.

There is an abundance of information available online that explores the tragedy that is industrialised animal farming and its detrimental effects on the environment our health and the welfare of farmed animals. Get informed and join us in taking a stand against modern factory farming practices, choosing compassion over cruelty and cultivating a more sustainable World for all.